Constromech FZCO

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

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Constromech is one of the main supplier's high quality PE Tarpaulins in Dubai. Tarpaulins are made of High Quality PE Fabric. Water proof, stabilized against ultraviolet rays & excess heat for long outdoor exposure.

Our rich industry experience also lies in successfully meeting the demands as tarpaulin supplier in Dubai for quality finished range of Tarpaulins. We offer readymade tarpaulins fabricated by heat sealing panels of PE Laminated Fabric with reinforcement rope provided in heat sealed hemming(borders). Strong eyelets/grommets are fitted on the hemmed borders; distance between eyelets can vary as per your requirement. Reinforcement corner pieces can also be provided on the corners if required. We offer tarpaulins in cut size as well as in full and finished size. Our tarpaulins are generally made of three layers i.e. (lamination + fabric +lamination). We also specialize in five and seven layer tarpaulins i.e. (lamination + fabric + lamination + fabric + lamination) and (lamination + fabric + lamination + fabric + lamination + fabric + lamination) respectively. These tarpaulins are very tough because of multiple structured layers due to which the durability is very high; especially suitable for rugged/rough use.

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